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The Kurds, who came face to face with a lot of massacres throughout the history, has suffered the largest massacre in Halabja, after the Hiroshima, by the chemical weapons used by fascist regime of Saddam in the last quarter of the 20th century. We, once more, curse all those participated in this process of genocide, which adopted a great crime against humanity,  with our revolutionary and patriotic anger.  Once more, we memorise the martyrs of Halabja with respect and repeat our promise to increase the freedom struggle by strengthening national democratic union.

The mentality of the colonial state-nation, which performed the genocide in Halabja, still insists to survive to this very day. Those, who  wants to maintain the hegemony of the states on Kurdistan on the basis of denial and ignorance,  address the kurds as a raw matterial to establish the Turkish, Persian and Arab nations and, to see the Kurdistan as to develop their nation and to expand themselves  rather  then to see and respect the Kurdish people as one of the oldest people of the Mezopotamia,  still insists with their mentality. Because of this mentality, the kurds are becoming face to face to systematic policies of intense assimilation, oppression, intimidation, and force evacuation policies almost in all areas. Where the resistance of the Kurdish people can not be broken and the policy of melting does not get any results, the colonial mentality’s destruction policies are still on the agenda today.

Almost , %40 percent section of the territory of South Kurdistan has not been yet included as a territory of Kurdistan. So, the problem is far from being fully resolved. Some colonialist, chauvinist and racist circles not yet have been digested the kurdish people to reach a status as a free society.  This is a most concrete sign that dangers similar to Halabja for the kurdish people is still continuing. Especially, at a time the agenda of the withdrew of the USA forces from Iraq, not only Arabs, but also Turkish colonialist want to apply the same orientation and policies on the South Kurdistan.  Thus, “ If you fight together with me against the PKK and the freedom struggle in Nort you will live, otherwise I even not let you to have a breath”, says to the political powers in South Kurdistan. Again, the Turkish state is also preparing an extensive military operation alone with the recent political practises of genocide.

The Europe, who gave chemical weapons to be used in Halabja for its economic and political benefits, is now, once again, arresting the Kurdish politicians and developing pressure on the kurds’ biggest TV channel, ROJ TV, in order to give support to the Turkish state’ colonialist and genocidel policies for its own regional benefits.

On the 22nd anniversary of the genocide of the Halabja, our  people should protest this genocide in all the areas and, develop their National Democratic Union and its relevant organizations to avoid other Halabja’s.  Almost all the world, which once upon a time closed their eyes, ears and  conscience towards the reality of the Halapja, should give up this attitude. The humanity and the worlds’ democratic public opinion should  not remain silent in the face of crimes of the humanity against the Kurdish people’s most natural right and freedoms, and take necessary responsibilities to avoid such genocides to be lived again in Kurdistan and on the earth.

The Executıve Councıl of the KCK

16 March 2010