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The Chairmen of the KCK Executive Council, Murat Karayılan said that while Turkey's 'redesign' was in process, they would not remain as spectators and would impose the solution of the Kurdish issue.

Karayilan said, " we won't believe the sayings without any practical steps", and added, there is no solution on the line of AKP. He said, "There is no difference in approach in between the army under the commandment of Ilker Basbug and AKP on the Kurdish problem. All parties have incorporated in the struggle concept against us".

In the interwiev of the ANF News Agency, the President of the KCK Executive Council, Murat Karayilan evaluated the developments in triangle of judicial-military-government in Turkey together with the PKK and the Kurdish problem. While Karayilan calling on the relevant institutions of the state to be serious, he wants practical steps for the solution from the government. He underlined that If there is going to be a re-design in Turkey, the Kurds in Turkey will take place in it and, gave signals that the guerrilla will be an innovation in the new era as well. Karayilan said, " we foresee renewation within all our power".

Also, Karayilan said that it is very difficult for the Turkish army to have a cross-border operation without the participation of the other forces, and highlighted, " that is, If the Turkish army carries the cross-border operation alone, will be defeated. The army can not even to have a step".