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Terrorist bandits carried out a nefarious attack on the municipality of Qamishlo yesterday. We pay our grateful tribute to the martyrs and offer our condolences to their families.Not tolerating the Rojava revolution, the colonialist Turkish state and some international forces use El- Kaide and other terrorist bandits to attack our people. These offences will surely be reciprocated by our people. Suffering great defeats against People’s Defence Units, these savage attacks by bandit groups backed by some international forces would be no more than futile attempts. The Rojava People will respond to these attacks by establishing their own system of democratic self-rule and defending the Free Kurdistan at all costs. Our people and our movement in the four parts of Kurdistan will support the Rojava revolution. Our peoples in Rojava are not alone.  

In Turkey, the AKP administration’s lies, pillages, and demagogies have been revealed. At a time when the AKP, the Gulen Movement, and the mainstream parties- who have done nothing for the democratization of Turkey and the settlement of the Kurdish question- are following dirty policies, it is  a necessity for our peoples, laborers, and all the oppressed to raise their struggle for freedom and democracy. The antidemocratic, intolerant and fascist repressions of the AKP administration are continuing. Even the most humanitarian and democratic reactions are being suppressed by intimidating people and cowing them into submission. This administration does not even tolerate the legitimate reactions shown against the environmental pollution and the destruction of nature in Amed’s Hewse; they did not tolerate in Gezi, too. The Kurdish women and  the Kurdish children have been the main victims of the colonialist dirty war waged in Kurdistan for years. Hundreds of Kurdish children like Uğur Kaymaz and Ceylan Önkol were killed atrociously.  The AKP administration blatantly showed its very fascist and repressive character during the Gezi protests. During the Gezi resistance 7 seven resistant lost their lives just for using their right of showing their democratic opposition. Lastly, Berkin Elvan, yet in his 15, fell martyr. Our condolences go to the family and relatives of Berkin Elvan.  We call on all patriotic, democratic and revolutionary forces to raise their struggle against the AKP’s monopolist and fascist mentality and implementations.