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    One year passed over the assassination of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan
Dogan and Leyla Şaylemez in Paris; but neither the French nor the
Turkish governments have taken any step to find the killers. However,
with the escalation of  power conflict in Turkey, documents related to
Paris killings have begun to emerge. The voice records of Ömer Güney,
the alleged killer, and the leaking of documents related to the MIT’s
(Turkish intelligence Service)  involvement in the killings validate
claims about the role of Turkey in planning and carrying out the
killings. These murders had been committed at a time when the
Fethullah Gulen’s movement had cooperated and collaborated with AKP to
form the government. As a matter of fact, these murders couldn’t have
taken place without the support of intelligence services. The
documents leaked recently point to the MIT’s complicity in the murder.
Unless otherwise proven, the MIT will be held responsible for planning
and carrying out the Paris assassinations.

     Both the AKP spokespersons and the Gulenists drew attention to
internal feud, immediately after the news of the murder spread. From
the start, these kinds of arguments were enough to prove that the the
alliance between the AKP and the Gulenists had carried out the
killings. It is quite well understood that the leaking of the voice
records and related documents is closely related to the Gulenists’
intention to put pressure on the AKP. Whatever their intention, it was
very important that the role of the MIT in the assassinations has been

      The Paris Massacre was the first implementation of AKP’s
decision to eliminate the PKK management. Fathullah Gulen is the one
who has most reiterated the necessity to eliminate the PKK management
and has recommended such elimination methods to the government.
Undoubtedly, the MIT has continuously been on the prowl to carry out
this massacre. During the Oslo process, members of the KCK management
who had just finished a meeting with the mediators between KCK and
Turkish delegate, came under a heavy attack of elimination. The KCK
management escaped the attack by a hair’s-breadth, but four of their
bodyguards lost their lives. Carrying out attacks to eliminate the PKK
management while running meetings with them reveals the real aim of
AKP and the MIT in holding such meetings.

     Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish Freedom Movement have
always reiterated the implications of the killing of Sakine Cansiz and
two of her comrades. They have clearly highlighted that unless the
murders are solved and the mind-set and practices behind them are
condemned, the Kurdish question will not be resolved.

     The government should explain the nature and the significance of
the MIT-related document. The MIT’s statement on the documents is such
as to validate the authenticity of them. Our movement will not
overlook the seriousness of this matter. The connections mentioned by
the alleged killer, Ömer Güney, in his voice record and the unveiled
MIT documents should be accounted for. Unless the government takes
such steps, their arguments about the settlement process will no
longer carry any significance.

     As a matter of fact, the AKP administration has not given any
response to the campaign for democratic political settlement initiated
by Leader APO. It has not only taken no steps in the direction of
settling the Kurdish question, but also has tried to misuse and
exploit the solution-oriented approaches and the steps of Leader APO
and our Movement. While we are maintaining the non-conflict position,
the AKP administration has carried the war over to Rojava. It has
equipped, supplied and set on the bandit groups.

     The settlement process, already stalled due to AKP’s attitudes
and approaches, has been insistently continued by Leader APO and the
Kurdish Freedom Movement, firstly to fulfill the responsibility we
feel towards our people and secondly with the hope of ‘lest we make
the AKP take steps’. Should the AKP government take no measures to
evince the Paris assassinations and take no serious steps to settle
the Kurdish question, they have to know that the current situation
will not last long. Both the AKP and the concerned public opinion
should know this fact full well.

19 January 2014