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To the Press and Public

On 7 December, the colonist Turkish state army launched an extensive military operation against the Cudi/Silopi/Sirnak, with involvement of around 4000 soldiers from Bespin, Sirnak Central and Tank Battalions.

The military operation carried out from three different wings of the enemy and covered the areas of Kasaphane, Kaniya Spi, Kox, Deriye Kera, Deriye Mazi, Gundik Remo, Kela Jehre and Deriye Bave Dilane/Cudi. There has been a clash occurred in between one of our guerrilla unit and Turkish army in the region of Deriya Bawe Dilane, which continued for hours and as a result one of our guerrilla code name Herekol have been martryd after heroic resistance. After no more ammunition left, total of 3 of guerrillas have been fallen in the hands of enemy as a prisoner, those one of them thrown himself from cliff not to surrender yet he was wounded and taken by the enemy, and other one was a new guerrilla participant who did not worn a guerrilla clothing yet.


According to the informations we have recived, at least 2 soldiers killed as a result of the clash and the operation pulled back 2 days later.

The HPG Central Command