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In the month of November 2011, the colonist Turkish state army continued its air bombardments and wanted to get a result against our guerrillas. In response to these attacks, our guerrillas retaliated against these attacks on nedeed level in order to show the enem's psyocological warfare is no more than a propaganda that impeded our guerrillas.


Beside this, our people also claimed their history, values and increased its freedom struggle despite all sorts of attacks imposed on them, and magnificiantly greeted their children, whome fallen for a honourable and free future, to give a strong answer back to the enem.

During last period our Leader, People and Guerrilla Forces showned necessary resistance in order to wasted the elimination plans by the Turkish state's great attacks against our movement. And, thus put the enemy in a panic.

While the HPG and PKK leaving the 33. years of resistance struggle behind and are getting into 34. year with succesfull, insistence and resistance on this line, which we have had shown both to our friend and enemies.

As HPG Guerrillas, once more renew our promise that we will create a victory by realizing aim of the Freedom for our Leader and Democratic Autonom Kurdistan.

Number of Military Operations Carried out by Enemy:                               11

Number of Air-Raids Carried out by Enemy:                                                     26

(Qandil-3, Xakurke-3, Zagros-5, Zap-4, Metina-2, Gare-1, Haftanin-4)

Number of Cobra Helicopter Attacks Carried by Enemy:                            4

Number of Marble Boms Used by Enemy:                                                        3

Number of Obus and Mortar Attacks Carried out by Enemy:     42 (Haftanin-15, Zap-10, Zagros-6, Xakurke-8)

Number of Clashes:                                                                                                     5

Actions Carried out by our Guerrillas:                                                                 19

Number of Enemy Soldiers Killed by our Guerrillas:                                    22

Number of Enemy Policeman Killed by our Guerrillas:                                6

Number of Military Vehicles Destroyed by our Guerrillas:                        3

Number of Military Vehicles Damaged by our Guerrillas:                          5

Number of Martrys:                                                                                                    8

Names of Martryed; Aram-Harun Edemen, Ciwan-Serdar Tekin, Zana-Kemal Muhammedi, Sipan-Guven Ocalan, Hasan-Omer Erdogan, Kemal-Lokman Poyraz, Armanc-Huseyin Akdogan, Sinan-Mensur Guzel.

Also, as a result of air-bombardments by the colonist Turkish state army 1 Villager in the area of Qandil wounded. As well as, wineyards,gardens and animals belongs to the villagers in both the area of Qandil and Haftanin have been damaged as a result of these air-raids.

The HPG HQ Command

2 December, 2011