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October 2011 Report on War

To our People and the Public!

The month of October has been a month where annihilation by all means have been imposed on us and Kurdish people's genocide on the basis of physical massacre and cultural assimilation has been targeted. The gravest of all oppressions, violence, torture, massacre have been implemented by any means possible during this month.

Isolation against our leader, police and juridical terror against our people's rightful demands as well as vicious attacks against our guerilla forces have continued without interruptions. The psychological warfare implemented through press and media by the special warfare department has become so degenerate and lowly that it tramples all over human and moral values.


Thus there is no other way left for the Kurdish people and its defence forces but to display a magnificent resistance against such attempts of genocide. The resistance shown by our guerilla along the axis of Revolutionary People's War has peaked during the month of October. Therefore resistance has been actively put into motion within this month as there is no other way to encounter the annihilation, elimination and eradication of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan.

The action and activities taken up by our guerrillas from Serhat to Amanos, from Botan to Dersim against the Turkish Republic's state and army forces has left the enemy shocked and constricted. The guerrillas of Kurdistan, who are following the footsteps of heroic martyrs to free our leader and build democratic autonomy, have blasted at the colonialist centres of fascism, racism and reactionism.

In the face of this eminent victory of the guerrillas the state and army of the Turkish Republic has resorted once again to vile plots and ugly deceptions. They have repeated what they had always done during the history of PKK whenever they are in difficulty they have used yet again chemical weapons against the guerrillas. The guerrillas have always abided all the laws and rules of war as well as international agreements on war. However they have murdered 36 heroic guerrillas of the Kurdish people by napalm bombs and chemical gases. In addition they have continued to organize lynching and attempts of massacres against our people thus showing their aggression. They have at the same time have not held back in imposing isolation, torture and blackmail against our leader APO making use of ugliest of all lies.

But all should know that despite all the wretched attacks against our people and guerrillas, attempts of massacre with the weapons and chemicals received from the USA as well as Israel and NATO, and if all the Kurds are put into prisons our struggle can not be stopped. Their only gain shall be more of our people's rightful reaction and fury. These attacks of yours shall not be able to defeat the Kurds who are passionate for their freedom, the Apoist guerrillas and the line of resistance in general.

You shall be remembered and cursed together with all the dictators, tyrants and fascist centres, which is where you belong, because of your inhumane attacks. But the people of Kurdistan shall continue with its resistance for a free and democratic future on the basis of fraternity of peoples and shall most definitely succeed. They shall diminish in the blood they shed and will live long enough to see the victory of our struggle.

October 2011 Report on War

Number of acrions by our guerrillas: 52

Number of enemy forces killed: 166 Soldiers, 22 Policeman, 3 Village-guards

Number of military vehicles destroyed and damaged: 15 destroyed, 11 damaged

Number of Helicopters Damaged: 4

Number of military equipments confiscated: 15 G3, 3 HK33, 2 MG3, 1 pistol, 1 bomb                                                   thrower, 2 binoculers, 1 walkie-talkie, 1 detector.

Number of Enemy air-raids: 43

Number of Cobra helicopter attacks: 19

Number of obus and mortar attacks by enemy: 63

Number of bush-fires as result of enemy attacks: 4

Number of enemy prisoner: 1

Number of Martryd Guerrillas: 66

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