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The Psychological War Media Are Spreading Lies

To our People and Public Opinion!

Many concocted and untrue news items have been put into circulation following the ‘Martyr Çiçek Revolutionary Operation’ we carried out in Çukurca to avenge the killing of comrades Rüstem, Çiçek and Alişer by the colonialist Turkish Armed Forces.


In relation to this:

1. Between the dates 18th-20th October hundreds of fascist colonialist army soldiers and special operations police were killed and wounded in the operation mentioned above. 7 of our comrades were martyred in the ensuing battles. The losses apart from this that the Turkish media say were inflicted on us are nothing but fabrications, especially the supposed incidents in the Kazan Valley.

2. The military actions we have taken were all organized and implemented within the borders of North Kurdistan. Several lies have been put into circulation to reduce the effect of the action, put into question the capacity of our guerrilla forces, and target different countries and groups by lying that the “the attack came from South Kurdistan.” This action was carried out to counter the attacks of the colonialist army and state and was defensive in nature. Furthermore the borders of South Kurdistan were not used. These are fictional scenarios and are being used to create an excuse for the Turkish reactionary forces to invade South Kurdistan. The people of South Kurdistan, the people of Kurdistan in general and also democratic public opinion should be aware of this.

3. Following our action the special war media have begun organizing a lynch campaign against Kurds. This has led to lynching’s in Elazığ, Istanbul, Izmir and many other cities in Turkey, in the face of these attacks we are warning the Turkish state. These lynching’s are occurring because our legitimate struggle is being branded as terrorism, they must be stopped immediately. If in the 21st century the Kurdish-Alevi people are still being targeted with massacres like Maraş and Madımak, it is proof that a genocidal mentality is still in power. However everybody needs to know that the Kurdish people are not the same as they were in the 1980s and 90s. They are now an organized people who have their own defence forces. The Kurdish people have children like Rüstem, Alişer and Çiçek, who have and will sacrifice their lives without batting an eyelid. We are warning the Turkish state once again. In the case that there is lynching or an attempt at massacre our reply will be a hundred fold.

4. Our people must activate their self defence mechanisms, which they have been discussing for a long time, and take the necessary precautions. Kurds must strengthen their organizations in every street and neighbourhood and act in solidarity against any attacks by fascist police forces and racist-chauvinist throngs. Kurdish youth have the necessary experience and courage to achieve this. Kurdish youth must also know that in the case of any danger, such as arrests as in the KCK case, the mountains of Kurdistan which have created the Rüstem’s, Çiçek’s and Alişer’s are always awaiting them with open arms.

5. The revolutionary action we carried out in reply to the attacks on our Leader Abdullah Öcalan, our people and guerrilla forces have been termed as “savagery” by certain state officials; this is a laughable and unfounded epithet. It is clear that we will not surrender against the Turkish state which has declared wholesale war and is incessantly attacking us. It was expected that our guerrilla forces, using all their facilities, would put into action their defence strategy. The epithet that has been used is unfortunate and laughable in the face of the tons of missiles that have been rained down on Kurdish youth, the civilians killed in Qandil and other places, and the guerrillas that were killed following hours of missile attacks.

6. The Turkish armed forces have not crossed the South Kurdistan border yet. Our guerrilla forces are alert and ready in case of an attack. Despite not having crossed the border and carried out any operations there have been news items that have claimed this; this is also a sign of the attempt to cover the defeat of the Turkish armed forces with propaganda.

We believe and know that our people will turn out in full support for the funerals of our comrades who were martyred in the ‘Martyr Çiçek Revolutionary Operation’ and other actions. We will continue to make the necessary statements regarding developments during this period.

The HPG Central Command Headquarters

24 October 2011