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Our Revolutionary Actions in Kurdistan are Rising

To Our People and the Public Opinion!

Our heros- the guerrillas successfully realized all enemy targets in the revolutionary campaign from 18-20 October in (Hakkari) in Çelen (Cukurca). A crushing blow to the Turkish army and its special operations troops has showed once again to everyone the power and the invincibility of Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas. In our revolutionary move where more than one hundred soldiers were killed and wounded in Turkey, more than hundred were not in a state to take part in the war. Seven heroic guerrillas of ours have been martyred.

Our revolutionary Çele Movement that shook the very foundations of the AKP ruling and the revolutionary actions rising from Garzan to Serhat and from Dersim to Amanos are rising in Kurdistan due to the fact that;

- Our Leader Abdullah Ocalan for about three months is facing aggravated isolation and torture

- While the fascist terror on the Kurdish people continue, there is a political genocide on Kurdish politicians and the patriotic-democrats,

-Since August 17 Turkish warplanes carried out air attacks against the media, and particularly on September 28 in Xakurke in the Defense Areas in excess of three hours and despicable attacks were carried out and a result, the PKK and KCK Executive Council member Rustem Cudi, the PKK HPG-YJA Star Council member Çiçek Botan, HPG Military Council member Alîşêr Koçgiri, Nazlıcan-the squadron commander, Dr. Amara, Roj Amara and Ashraf are brutally murdered.

This recent campaign has been carried out by our Freedom Guerillas as a retaliatory campaign against the AKP government’s decision for a ground attack in South Kurdistan for which President Abdullah Gul gave the start of it. In addition to this, our people will be informed about the fallen comrades in Xakurke as soon as possible.

Heroic actions carried out by our guerrilla forces on the basis of revolutionary people's war provided an honorable answer against the AKP's army and police’s fascist repression and terror imposed on the Kurdish. Especially the Kurdish people and all democratic forces will be defended against the AKP fascism.

Our revolutionary attack was a blow to the attempts and the threat of the Turkish army operations in South Kurdistan, and has largely wasted. This was a response to the threats from Arab nationalism and the Turkish fascism to our people in the western and southern parts of Kurdistan. The HPG guerillas will always defend our people in the West and South against all kinds of threats and attacks against our people in the West and South Kurdistan.

These revolutionary actions, also saluted and supported our people’s resistance of the Quandil in Eastern Kurdistan under the leadership of PJAK-HRK.

The revolutionary actions carried out by our guerrilla forces was a blow to the deadlock in the Kurdish question and has played a role in opening the way for a democratic solution. These actions took the building of democratic autonomy and move of freedom to Leader APO to the summit.

Let us say to those who celebrate when a Kurd and a PKK member dies but swears when a Turkish soldier or a police dies that, everyone has the right to live and be free. Kurds, just like everyone else decisive to obtain and use this right.

As a result, once again we remember our martyrs who fought a heroic struggle for freedom with respect and gratitude. We call upon all the people of Kurdistan, youth and women to raise the resistance and to live the memories of immortal commanders Rustem, Çiçek and Alişer who dedicated their valuable and dignified lives to the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan!

We state once again that our move to build Democratic autonomy and Freedom to Leader Apo will continue until the final results are achieved!

The HPG Central Command

21 October 2011