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On 2 September, as a result of clashes occurred after the attack of the Iranian army against the Hill of Casusa/Kotaman/Kandil/the Medya Defence Areas, 2 guerrillas of PJAK and 2 of our guerrillas of HPG have had martryed.

Our guerrilas have been in resistancy together with the HRK Forces after our guerrillas' replacement in the place of the HRK Forces in this area. Both forces have had shown an epic resistance shoulder to shoulder against the biggest technical challenge, the intense bombardment and a severe conflict. Our valuable friends made themselves as a shield inorder to protect their comrades. During intense technical bombardments, they followed footsteps of the heroic commander comrade Simko, and reached to martry.

This three valuable days of epic resistance of our three comrades showed the Kurdish national unification on the Apoist line, to all the humanity. At the same time, this our three comrades have proved that with no hesitation and under all circumstances a dignified resistance will be shown against the policies of occupation, denial and destruction.

The I.D.'s of our Martryed Guerillas are as Follow:

Rubar Serhat - Selman Xoşnimek

Code Name: Rubar Serhat

Real Name: Selman Xosnimek

Place of Birth: Merivan

Name of Mother: Hamide

Name of Father: Abdullah

Year and Place of Participation: 2009/Merivan
Date and Place of Martry: 2 September 2011/Kotaman-Kandil

Kendal Baran - Necmi Maç

Code Name: Kendal Baran

Real Name: Necmi Mac

Year and Place of Birth: 1982/Hilvan-Urfa

Name of Mother: Nezahat

Name of Father: Mustafa

Year and Place of Participation: 2008/Hilvan-Urfa

Date and Place of Martry: 4 September 2011/ 2 September 2011 / Kotaman - Kandil

Rojhat Besta - Ömer Yıldırım

Code Name: Rojhat Besta

Real Name: Omer Yildirim

Pace of Birth: Sirnak

Name of Mother: Fatma

Name of Father: Yakup

Year and Place of Participation: 2006/Botan

Date and Place of Martry: 2 September 2011/Kotaman-Kandil

The Central Command of the HPG