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The Republic of Turkey, its government and army have carried out its attacks on the most intensive level in the month of August after long preparations. After 12 July 2011 General elections in Turkey, the AKP government have stepped up its preparations for war, have had formally became the head of the army and carried out its attacks on all our areas in the month of August.

During non-action period, which has been announced unilateraly by us, while the Republic of Turkey stepped up its attack and arrests with a non-stop attack concept against the Kurdish legal political arena and its legal and just institutions with no break, its army also carried non-stop attacks against our guerrilla areas by using intensive heavy weaponary with the same understanding of a concept. As a result of clashes occured, the Turkish state army faced heavy looses. Time to time, our guerrillas carried out action by using their right of retaliation against the police forces' killing and brutality against our people and democratic circles.


In the light of above mentioned, our guerrilla forces only partially have been let moved. Many numbers of enemy forces have been hit and many more desabled despite this partial resistance of our guerrillas.

Also for a long time now, we have had taken some detaining actions to warn to those whome still works in collobaration with enemy despite our insistant calls with our utmost sincerity and warnings for not to work in cooperation with the enemy. These actions will continue and hardened against those working in collabaration with enemy to build dams, which leaves the land of our country under the water, to work in building military stations of the enemy, to carry enemy forces with their civilian vehicles to the operation areas, cutting the trees for enemy.

As a result of intense clashes occurred with enemy, total of 11 of our guerrillas have been martryed.

August Balance-Sheet of War:

Actions carried by Guerrillas: 42

Killed enemy soldiers: 94

Killed enemy police: 5

Number of soldiers taken as POWs: 1

Number of arrest by guerrillas: 10

Number of detention by guerrillas: 10

Number of clashes: 5

Operations carried by enemy: 24

Air-raids carried by enemy: 37 (Kandil:5, Haftanin:3, Zap: 12, Gare: 5, Metina: 4, Xakurke: 4, Zagros: 4)

Obus and Mortar attack by enemy: 31 (Zagros: 9, Zap: 7, Xakurke - both turkey and Iran- 8 -2 of Iran- , Haftanin: 7)

Bush Fires as a result of enemy attacks: 22

Cobra attacks by enemy: 10

Enemy weapons confiscated by Guerrillas: 1 portatif G-3, 1 Thermal Camera, 3 HK-33, 1 Laser.

Destroyed vehicles belongs to the collobarators with enemy: 1 Ladle, 11 Vehicles

Damaged military vehicles: 3 Scorscy helicopters, 1 armoured vehicle

Destroyed military vehicles: 1 Panzer, 3 armoured vehicle, 1 Reo, 1 Scorscy helicopter

Our Guerrilla Martrys: Hawar - Murteza Golandere

Ronahi - Hamide Sevluk

Levent - Bahtiyar Rahmani

Karker - Mustafa Merdane

Zerdest - Ali Gezer

Nupelda - Zozan Dogan

Jiyanda - Hamdiye Mutas

Ayhan Gorse - Ferzat Nucewan

Kocer- Yilmaz Suicer

Dilsad - Murat Boral

Dilbirin - Kiwumerz Alayan


The Central Command HPG