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To Be Sensitive Against the Attacks Carried Out by the Directives of AKP

To the Press and the Public

On August 17 at around 20.00 until the noon on August 18 air strikes have being carried out by the Turkish military aircraft by the order of the AKP government on Kandil, Xakurkê, Xinêrê, Zap, Zagros and Metina areas in the Media Defence Areas. As a result of the air attacks HPG forces have no losses at all. There had been dozens of attacks before by the fascist army of the Turkish Republic, despite the realization that the attacks could not get any results.

As in the past, today there are no guerilla losses at all.


But all the rules of war have been violated by the Turkish army by targeting the civilian areas in Qandil, resulting in material damage to the peasants in the village of Zergelê. There is an ongoing research in financial losses and the results will be reported to our people and the public general.

These attacks carried out by the army of Turkish Republic are a harbinger of the new attacks. Our guerilla forces ensure the task of defense against all kinds of fascist attacks that will take place. We call on our people and the democratic public opinion to be sensitive against any new attacks and in the case of war and fulfill their duties.

HPG Command

August 18, 2011