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The Republic of Turkey still continues to insist on its policies of Kurds to be killed by Kurds. Despite bankruptcy of these dirty policies dozens of time, still continues to apply them on daily basis either by creating new ones and/or polishing with different colors of those used before.


By definition, special Warfare is a type of war, which is dirty and sly. This type of war have been used and carried out very sensibly in order to divide people, the special warfare centres of Turkey are continuing further diluted.

The Turkish state army, which uses the Village-Guards as a shield against the Guerrillas, now makes these village-guards to wear military cloths, carry army bags and make them use the same military equipment as soldiers have in the region of Botan, especially in the areas of Besta and Kato. The aim of this dirty and sly policy is an ugly game to make more difficult for the Guerrillas to differentiate the difference in between the soldiers and the village-guards.

This ugly game applied by the Special Warfare System of the Republic of Turkey is aiming to cast a shadow on the policy of the Freedom movement and its Guerrillas' to target the Village-Guards, which is a policy they have been persistently, stubbornly and preciously following for years now.

With its common sense approach, the Freedom Movement have been wasted out the policies of the Kurds killed by Kurds applied by the Republic of Turkey against the Kurds, and brought the Kurdish National Unity on a substantial level.

The Special warfare system of the Republic of Turkey is in no hesitation to apply all kinds of ugly and dirty games to disrupt this national unity. To do this, the state of Turkey puts an especial policy into its agenda for the village-guards to be shoot and killed.

As the Guerrillas of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, the stage that the struggle for freedom has reached, we call upon all the guards to be responsible as in not to harm the democratic Kurdish national unity, not to fall into the enemy’s games, not to participate in the operations and if they do only to go the operations around their villages. Again, we urge the village guards not to accept to wear and use the military clothing, bags and equipment as lately imposed in Besta and Kato areas.

As we inform our people and the democratic public opinion in this regard, we call upon in particular the guards to be more sensitive on the issue.

The HPG Commandment of the Botan Area