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Chronicle For The Month Of May

To our People and the General Public!

The Turkish state army began its operations and attacks against the the Areas of Guerrillas and the Medya Defence Areas with beginnig of a Spring season. These attacks aimed to deny and destroy by using all the military hardware and as well as the military tecnics during its operations and attacks.

As a Guerrillas of the Freedom Struggle, we have not given any of our positions despite these attacks.

These attacks also continued in the month of May. The Chronicle of the war for the month of May is as follows:

Number of Operations carried by Enemy : 34

Number of Clashes : 6

Retaliation action taken by our Guerrillas: 11

Number of Killed Enemy Soldiers: 27

Number of Policeman Killed : 6

Number of Special Teams Killed: 1

Number of destroyed military vehicle : 1

Number of Obus and Mortar Attacks carried by Enemy : 39

Number of Guerrillas Martryed : 14

The HPG Central Command