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We greet the 34th anniversary of the Great August 15 leap with our determination for victory and freedom, and we celebrate the Resurrection Day for our Leader Apo, who has foremost given the greatest labour in the resurrection struggle, our people, our comrades in the prisons and on the ground, our martyr families and friends.

We commemorate our heroic martyrs in the name of the great commander of the August 15 Leap, comrade Egîd, and reiterate the oath we have given them once again. On this occasion, we state that we will bring to life the memories of our martyrs in the rise of the freedom struggle, and we repeat the promise to create a Free Kurdistan. The Great August 15 Action, as the first bullet fired against slavery, darkness, and repression, has become a turning point in the history of the Kurdish people and has become the line of resistance for rebirth with the rise of the oppressed humanity in Kurdistan. This bullet has found its place in history as an uprising against the mentality of colonialism, the policies of colonialism, and its imposed military force, essentially becoming the scream of a people from deep within, a people which has decided to exist. It has become a historical leap showing clearly that a people is rising up against colonialism, meeting with one’s own history, defending own existence and insisting on the will to be free. This historical freedom action, which has taken place on the basis of self-will and self-defence, has brought to life the Kurdish people on the brink of death, becoming the Resurrection Day in the history of the Kurdish people.

The August 15 Leap is a societal outburst screaming the existence of the Kurdish people in the wake of fascist, colonial, genocidal and invading states which solely implement the policy of denial and annihilation. The Great August 15 Guerrilla Leap, which has occurred with the deep ideological-political perspective of Leader Apo, is not only a leap which has stopped the extermination of the Kurdish people and brought to life the will to exist, but has also become the start of a new revolutionary outing against the reactionism of the Middle East.

This historical move that developed in the heart of Kurdistan, Botan, revealed with it a new system of thought, a new way of life and struggle, the will to exist and the will and spirit to achieve. A spirit of rebellion against slavery, the August 15 spirit, has gradually spread, reaching all the cities, towns and villages of Kurdistan. The August 15th Leap, with both itself and the power it creates, as well as the culture of resurrection and resistance that it unfolds, has increasingly showed its effect in all four parts of Kurdistan, being integrated into the revolutionary system of thinking of the Kurdish society with its revolutionary point of view. This revolution of thought, developed on this basis, has brought together a new social reality that has developed in the line of women's freedom by raising the social revolution.

With the national unity perspective and mentality revolution developed in Kurdistan, the leap has paved the way for the national unity spirit by overcoming the approaches of sectarianism, dialecticism, fragmentation, regionalism, and tribalism, which led to the development of the national-democratic stance. This magnificent and profound outing of August 15 has revealed the future perspective of the Kurdish people and has enabled the freedom case to reach a contemporary and strong strategic perspective. Over the course of 34 years, a series of heroic epics have been written against the stratified colonial-genocide system, which had been transformed into a deadlock in Kurdistan, and against all the forces of the regional and international system on which it has been based, and has reached its present level with high success. If Kurdish people have become the centre of revolution in the Middle East region where the Third World War is being carried out today, and if the Kurdish people have become a power and will in history, despite all the colonial conspiracies, this was only possible due to the August 15th Spirit, the epic resistance of our martyrs, and the ideological formation which it is based on.

The August 15 Spirit is the unrelenting struggle of being a true comrade with Leader APO, a commitment to our immortal martyrs, and a determination to lead the Kurdish people to victory. For 34 years, despite all agonies, obstacles, hardships and attacks, what brought us to today is the sacrificial spirit of resistance resembling Agids and Zilans. The August 15 spirit, which is the basis of participating in the line of Leader Apo with devotion, unyielding resistance and the essence of the victory march, is the sole type of stance which will lead us to success in this historical process which our struggle faces.

 The nation-state system in the Middle East, which is designed in the form of completely imperial aims, which is not based on the will of the people in any way, has entered into the process of destruction today. This relentless struggle, which has been developed in Kurdistan for 34 years, has given very important products to the freedom struggle of the people in terms of freedom and democracy in the Middle East today. The Turkish state, wanting to prevent the democratic transformation, is now in a totalitarian genocidal fascist attack against the Kurdish people with the AKP-MHP-Ergenekon and Al Qaeda derivative gangs. The attacks launched against the Rojava revolution in 2014 continued with Shengal, Makhmour, Kirkuk, and Kobani, and all these attacks were frustrated by the historical resistance of the Kurdish people. In this sense, the struggle for freedom of the Kurdish people since 15 August 1984 has been a struggle not only for Kurdistan, but for the defence and enlightenment of the whole Middle East. So much so that today, the spirit of resistance created by the August 15th Leap has become a source of freedom perspective and inspiration not only of the Kurdish people but of all Middle Eastern peoples.

 Today, a very dangerous torture and isolation system is being carried out on Leader APO which is always the leader of revolution and our people with the greatest effort and resolutions in the emergence of all these gains. It must be known that Leader APO, just as being the guarantor of Turkey’s unity and peace of the country, is also the greatest reason for war. Today the persecution carried out in the Imralı torture centre is an attack on the values of all humanity and the future and will of our people in the name of Leader APO. Without considering any moral values, this cruelty towards our Leader and the violation of human rights aims to break the will of our people and to weaken our struggle. However, as long as this psychological torture system and the persecution policy in Imralı towards Leader APO continues, the struggle will be strengthened inside our forces and the sacrificial spirit will be strengthened, and the basis of a powerful struggle and devoted stance will be strengthened even more. It is a precise fact that all our people and friends see the oppression practiced on our Leader, against all humanity norms, and it is a fact that they will raise their voices against this practice more than ever than until now.

 We, as HPG guerrillas, enter the 35th anniversary of the August 15th Leap with a much greater faith, determination, commitment, and at the same time, a richer experience and historical gains. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla will take into consideration the fall of the genocidal, invading and fascist AKP-MHP system’s economy, and will frustrate their attacks carried out with all technical means possible as it was done until now, but with greater mastery and performance, inflicting heavy blows on the enemy and showing the guerrilla’s ability to gain victory.

 Therefore, in the new era of the formation of the Kurdistan guerrilla the great commander EGÎD’s spirit will be a great source, and the HPG forces will accomplish the defence of the people of Kurdistan with high success. In this historical process, the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla will be in a position of freedom, in a way that will undoubtedly stand firmly on the line of Leader Apo, being in the most active and effective position for the freedom of Leader Apo and the Kurdish people, continuing the victory march.

 On this basis, we would like to state our determination to carry our struggle to the next stage with the professional guerrilla, and the epic resistance experience continued by thousands of our heroic martyrs, initiated by Commander Agît, Erdal (Engin Sincer), Adıl Biliki, Nuda Karker, Reşit Serdar, Hüseyin Mahir, Berçem Cilo and Delal Amed, Azad Siser, Çiyager, until Welat, Serdar and Barans, alongside the slogan of ‘Free Leader, Free Kurdistan’ in the 35th year of the August 15th Leap.

 In the 35th struggle year, we call on all the men and women from Kurdish youth to join the guerrilla ranks against the genocidal and colonial fascism, and once again we celebrate the Ressurection Day of our people and comrades, wishing magnificent success to all forces of struggle.


 Long Live The Great August 15th Leap Spirit!

Long Live Our Revolutionary Peoples Struggle!

Bijî Serok APO!




People’s Defence Central Headquarters Command