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Press Release

It is known that the Turkish colonial state forces want not to be content with the politics of genocide that has been developed in Bakur (north) with fascist practices, which is rare in the world, but also want to carry it to Bashur (south) and Rojava (west) Kurdistan. On this basis, the Turkish state forces are developing attacks on various levels against both Rojava and the Bashur parts, exhibiting their invasion attempts.

A part of these genocidal politics developed against our people was lastly seen on December 14, when the Turkish colonial forces invaded the Gire Siro and Mavan hills in the territory of South Kurdistan, passing the border line of the Hacı Beg water near your areas.

It is noteworthy that there is no reaction to this apparent occupation, neither from the Central Government of Iraq nor from the Federal Government of Kurdistan. However, direct incursion occurred and an area of South Kurdistan, considered Iraqi territory, was invaded. The silence on this invasion points out the possibility of a dirty deal being present.

It is meaningful for your command to not stay silent and take on a stance to intervene against the Turkish colonial forces' occupation of the lands of Southern Kurdistan and disturbing of the inhabitants of surroundings villages, prohibiting their animals from grazing in the field, controlling this wide area and disturbing our people there, while violating their legitimate rights.

 In this scope, you have achieved the results of the revolutionary operation you carried out against the Mavan and Gire Siro hills, which were occupied on December 25, at 04.30 in the morning. The fact that your forces inflicted heavy losses to the enemy without any loss, and especially by chasing and repelling the enemy at Mavan hill, shows that a successful revolutionary operation has taken place. Following this successful action against the invading forces in the Apoist sacrificial spirit, we congratulate you and all the worthy fighters and commanders who have shown their effort in this action, and we wish the success to continue.

 On this basis, we greet the resistance, courage, and sacrifice that all Xakurkê forces have shown, and we wish you the highest achievements with the innermost revolutionary feelings.


With Revolutionary Greetings and Respect



People's Defence Central Headquarters Command