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Press Release

The capture of a group of our four comrades in the town of Seydikemer in Muğla province on October 4 and the events which resulted in the martyrdom of our six comrades in the Köyceğiz district of Muğla, has been reflected to the public already through the press.

These events, which both of our groups assigned in the metropolitan areas of Turkey encountered, has taken place as the result of a betrayal in the group. Şoreş Haymana (Selçuk Yogurtçu), who is included in the group, played a role in the fall of the two separate groups inside a trap with a synchronized operation in cooperation with the colonial Turkish state forces as a result of betrayal.

The first group of four consisting of comrades Gabar (Ekrem Altay), Kamuran (Veysi Sengil), Ferhat (Velat Aşan) and Firaz (Mehmet Can Yiğirer) were brought to a position they could not resist by appointment and they were trapped and captured. The other day, a group of seven comrades, who were under the responsibility of the precious commander comrade Xalit Balveren, were poisoned through their meals in the district of Köyceğiz. Our comrades named Xalit (Salih Sanrı), Warger (İlyas Demir), Alişer (Rojhat Seçkin), Adil (Muhammed Nursida) and Mahir (Musa Arslan) were martyred after this poisoning event.

As a matter of fact, our martyr families and lawyers have also suspected this situation and stated that this may be an execution. This is a completely correct finding; these comrades were treasonously medicated through their meals so that these comrades are neutralized and then executed.

Comrade Erdal (Enver Kerimi), of the survivors of this event, as the result of being reported, encountered the operation of the enemy in a place where he went in a state of being injured on October 6, and this comrade of ours resisting the enemy in a sacrificial manner in order to not be captured has lastly detonated his own bomb and has reached himself to martyrdom.

The Turkish colonial security forces show this capture and martyrdom event developed through a conspiracy in the basis of the most despicable kind and treacherous betrayal as a success. However, we have experienced this loss as a consequence of the deep treason that is far from any skill of the security forces. Our groups, who were not aware of the betrayal of this element, complied with the sayings of this individual without doubt, approaching with the purity of comradeship and so felling into a trap, and the arrests and martyrdom that took place one after another has taken place on this basis.

It should be known that the colonialist Turkish state will not be able to reach anywhere with such traps, and that the betrayal wanted to be developed in Kurdistan will not save them, and that the Apoist movement will hold to account one by one anyone responsible for the betrayal. We will raise our fight against colonialism and betrayal as a requisite of our commitment to the memory of our heroic comrades, and the blood of our comrades will not be left on the ground.


The ID information of our martyr comrades are as following;

Nom de Guerre: Xalıt Şirnex

Name- Surname: Salih Sanrı

Place of Birth: Şırnak

Mother's- Father's Name: Fatma - Beşir

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 5, 2017 / Muğla

Xalıt – Salih Sanrı

Nom de Guerre: Adıl Bawer

Name- Surname: Muhammed Nursida

Place of Birth: Aleppo

Mother's- Father's Name: Horik - Fikret

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 5, 2017 / Muğla

Adıl – Muhammed Nursida

Nom de Guerre: Alişer Munzur

Name- Surname: Rojhat Seçkin

Place of Birth: Batman

Mother's- Father's Name: Saliha - Hasan

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 5, 2017 / Muğla

Alişer – Rojhat Seçkin

Nom de Guerre: Erdal Leylaxi

Name- Surname: Enver Kerimi

Place of Birth: Sine

Mother's- Father's Name: Bese – Haci Ali

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 5, 2017 / Muğla

Erdal – Enver Kerimi

Nom de Guerre: Mahir Akdeniz

Name- Surname: Musa Arslan

Place of Birth: Mersin

Mother's- Father's Name: Nuran- Nedim

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 5, 2017 / Muğla

Mahir – Musa Arslan

Nom de Guerre: Warger Şindar

Name- Surname: İlyas Demir

Place of Birth: Mardin

Mother's- Father's Name: Rukiye - Ekrem

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 5, 2017 / Muğla

Warger – İlyas Demir


October 19, 2017

People's Defense Central Headquarters Command