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Press Release

As reflected in our daily press releases, the Turkish state has recently increased its air attacks on areas considered as geographical areas of South Kurdistan. In the last two days, not only the guerrilla areas but also the areas where civilians are living, where they are constantly fishing and working in the vineyards, have been consciously targeted by Turkish warplanes. As a result, 10 patriotic people have been martyred.

The Turkish state has done this through threatening the government of South Kurdistan because of the referendum by giving the message that "If you do not listen to me, I will strike you like that", and has massacred our poor, civilian people in this way.

Everyone should know that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrila will not be silent against any attack that the Turkish colonialism has carried out against the people of Kurdistan and will know to defend our people and achievements, and hold to necessary account the aggressors and the blood of our patriotic people will not be left on the ground.

We strongly condemn this attack of the Turkish state against our people, which is directed towards our regular people in a very conscious, inhuman way in order to reach their dirty goals; we would like to express our condolences to the families of our patriotic people who have lost their lives in this despicable attack, and all the people of Seladize and Southern Kurdistan.


People's Defense Central Headquarters Command