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The 33rd anniversary of the great 15 August leap, which is realized as a very important intervention in Kurdistan, our country which is the cradle of the humanitarian development of the Middle East, is an important intervention against the oppression, incapacity and genocide. We celebrate it for all of our comrades, especially Leader Apo, martyr families, patriotic people and our friends. In the name of our great commander, Egîd (Mahsum Korkmaz), we remember all our heroic martyrs, the true owners of today, who wrote history with their blood, and we reiterate our promise to our martyrs.

The August 15th Leap is a rebellion against the attempt to disidentify and destruction imposed by the genocide-colonial forces. This rebellion is primarily a rebellion against the chains of slavery in the mind of the Kurdish people. This contemporary rebellion of the Kurdish people has started with a great decision, faith and spirit, and has become a revival revolution in Kurdistan. This resurgence in the Kurdish society has brought our people back from the brink of death and has made it exist again. It has created a people reality that stands up for itself and its identity, and has made all kinds of sacrifice for it. In this sense, the first bullet, which was fired in the lead of Comrade Egîd, is not merely the initiation of an armed struggle; At the same time, it has become the first step of defending ones own identity and humanity with ideological, social and cultural dimensions.

The relentless struggle which was developed against colonialism, internal reactionism and the liquidation of the Quartet Gangs in a relentless manner has achieved a great faith and revival process in segments, and the Revival Revolution was brought to the summit with the serhildan movement that developed in 1990. Our people who have developed the process of nationalization by re-creating themselves in this struggle have become a new society by experiencing an intellectual, social, cultural and women revolution of the Leader Apo with contemporary thought at social level.

In this way, the struggle for freedom, which deepened on the basis of the spirit of August 15, was influential in all parts of Kurdistan; The spirit of national unity and the boundaries drawn by colonialism have been made meaningless. It has overcome all the sectarian, dialect, tribalist and fragmentary understandings in our people; A new Democratic Nation view has made it possible for Kurdish society to be among the contemporary-democratic peoples. This basically enlightened Kurdish people who has become a winner by paying prices, fighting wherever they are.

Kurdistan People's Defense Forces, as it has been in the past, has been endeavouring continuously to be worthy of the labour and efforts of Leader Apo and to fulfill the duties of the martyrs by taking the life of the martyrs as a principle. Under the leadership of President Apo, as a result of the rough struggle we have been carrying out for nearly 40 years, today we are passing through a historical stage in which we are closest to freedom as a people. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla enters the 34th year of the Revival Day based on its rich experience, knowledge and historical background. In the new era of the formation of the Kurdistan guerrilla, the great commander Egîd’s breakthrough spirit will show the way, and HPG forces will achieve the defense of the Kurdish people with high success. In this historical process, the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla will be in the most active and influential position for the freedom of Leader Apo and the Kurdish people, and will undoubtedly demonstrate a decisive stance in the line of Leader Apo, and on the 34th 15 August year by being the guarantor of the building of our people’s own system and the freedom of Leader Apo. The guerrilla will absolutely evaluate the revolutionary conditions which emerged with the epic resistance of our heroic martyrs and our Leadership, and will know what needs to be done in this historical period. For this reason, no matter where any kind of attack against our people emerges from, the guerrilla will continue to respond to all attacks in the 34th year of the August 15th Leap.

In this basis, we call on our people to put its strength out on the platform of social struggle to transform the 34th 15th August into a "Free Leadership-Free Kurdistan" process, and call on patriotic Kurdistan youth to join the devoted army of the Egîd's in this important period of history. Once again, we celebrate the Revival Day of all of our people and wish success to all our comrades in the 34th August 15 year.



People's Defense Central Headquarters Command