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Press Release

We celebrate the 13th anniversary of the date of the June 1st Iniative initiated by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla against the concept of denial and liquidation of the International Conspiracy, and we commemorate and remember with respect all the martyrs from comrades Erdal, Adil and Nûda, architects of this historic step, to Bedran Cudî that lost their lives in this period.

The process of active defense initiated with the June 1 Initiative in 2004 against the concept of denial developed as part of the International Plot became a significant response to the policies of annihilation imposed by the enemy, and created significant developments in relation to developing a search of resolution for the Kurdish question. On the basis of the June 1 Initiative, the defense and resistance process initiated by our people in the guerrilla and serhildan (uprising) areas imposed a must toward the resolution of the Kurdish question.

If people are talking about the freedom days of the Kurdish people as being not far away today, it should be recognized that the biggest factors in this are the Leader Apo's determined stance against the Imralı Torture System, the resistance mounted by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla on the basis of the June 1 Initiative, the price paid by our brave martyrs and the sacrifices made by our people. For this reason, the developments taking place today should be seen as an achievement of the June 1 Initiative.

In the freedom struggle they have been waging for years, the people of Kurdistan meets the 13th year anniversary of the June 1 Initiative with a new initiative process.The great battle of resistance and defense given on the basis of a legitimate and righteous Revolutionary Popular War against the colonialist AKP state's impositions of war that recognizes no rules, has revealed significant outcomes up to date and carried our people's freedom struggle to a new phase, and will mark historic successes on the 14th year anniversary of the June 1 Initiative.

In order for the achievement of a permanent resolution to the Kurdish question and freedom of Leader Apo and the Kurdish people to be made, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas will not hesistate to make the necessary sacrifices, and they will fulfill their duty as militants by responding to the attacks against our people.

In a state of panic in the face of the struggle waged by Kurdistan's peoples under the lead of guerrillas since July 24, 2015, the AKP state increased its course of war to a barbaric level as it pursues a rare colonialist policy of atrocity and genocide that targets the Kurdish gains in all four parts of Kurdistan. This is a bare truth which reveals the fact that Turkish colonialism is on its last legs in Kurdistan. Despite this truth, the AKP colonialism resorts to all sorts of lies and tricks and endeavors to create a perception that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has been inflicted deadly blows and is about to finish. It should be known that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla and Kurdistan people that are fighting with the June 1 spirit will enhance the resistance in the mountains, cities and all areas against this barbaric and savage colonialism, and turn the 14th year anniversary of June 1 into a major initiative process.

For the transformation of the June 1's 14th year anniversary into the process of Leader Apo's and Kurdistan people's freedom, and against the deep colonialism's policies that seek to weaken, neutralize and eliminate the guerrilla and put our people through a cultural genocide, we call on the patriotic Kurdistan youth to join the guerrilla ranks and grow the June 1 spirit further, and we wish all our patriotic people and Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla success in this new struggle year.

1 June, 2017