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Press Release

The AKP regime, which ended the solution process developed by leader APO, carried out a comprehensive air strike on July 24, 2015. Our comrade Doctor Aydın, who was injured during this attack, was treated for a while in Duhok.

Our comrade, who has been involved with the treatment for a while, was arrested by Asayish on 28 February 2016 between Zakho and Duhok while attempting to cross to Rojava for a more comprehensive treatment. Our comrade, who has no reason for arrest, has not been released to this day. Although he was known by the KDP officials and Asayish officers in the treatment process in Duhok and it was known that he was in need of treatment, we could not make sense of his arrest.

Doktor Aydın is a comrade from Amed's Farqîn district and has struggled devotedly in the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, a great dream of his since a young age, and has not caused any harm to anyone. He is a revolutionary of Kurdistan who is based on the loyalty to his people and his case for 18 years. Although it has been nearly 14 months since his arrest by Duhok Asayish, it is unacceptable that he has not been released. Despite repeated requests from the KDP officials for talks to release our comrade, they constantly avoid the subject and say words such as, "He is not with us, we do not know where he is, we are investigating" and so on. Nothing is done apart from distraction by words. However, we knew well which Asayish our comrade was being kept in Duhok, and we were getting daily information. No positive answer has been received to this day, although our delegates have indicated to the relevant authorities of the representatives of the KDP all of the information that our comrade has entered a hunger strike and suffered from severe health problems in the place where he was held captive.

We have not done so much today, in order to not tense the relations between us from our sensitivity to national interests as a movement, to our own belief that the problems between the forces of Kurdistan need to be solved through dialogue, and not be turned into a chronic problem. We waited for KDP officials to end this unacceptable situation and release our comrade. However, according to some reports recently reflected in the Turkish press, our comrade was supposedly captured by a joint operation of the Turkish Special Forces Command and Peshmerga, reflecting the information that he was held in a private security prison of Peshmerga forces. In the same news, the information about our comrade was also distorted, they made up the lie that they had caught the commander of 'TAK' and gave themselves a made-up show of victory.

First of all, we state that this is not the case. Comrade Doctor Aydın has no relation to 'TAK' nor has he been caught with the joint operation of Turkish Special Forces and Peshmerga. They are all lies and made-up. While our comrade went to Rojava alone and unarmed with a vehicle, the vehicle was stopped on the road and he was arrested by Peshmergas.

Catching and arresting a Kurdish revolutionary in cooperation with the Turkish State which does not recognize the limits of hostility and attacks in order to remove the standards of value of our people in this crucial and sensitive period for the Kurdistan freedom case, has nothing to do with neither Kurdishness nor patriotism. If there is no clear co-operation and betrayal, our comrade should be released immediately.

As a revolutionary militant who is not guilty according to Kurdistan's laws, there can be no explanation of holding a Kurdistan guerrilla who has no other purpose except for serving the Kurdish people, in prison. If there is cooperation with the Turkish State in this matter, how will this be explained? We call on the KDP officials and the Federal Kurdistan Regional Government to clarify to our people, bring to light and make necessary steps needed in this matter.

We call on all Kurdistani political and social powers to demonstrate their efforts for the freedom of our comrade Doctor Aydın, to prevent this unjust arrest from causing different and serious problems, and to take on their national democratic responsibilities.


People's Defense Central Headquarters Command