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We have been following very closely the policies of the enemy on the Village-Guard system, which has a long history and activities increased again in the last two years. The Kurdish people mostly excepts to become a village-guard as a result of insistence of the enemy based on oppression, intimidation and threats. And, also some wrong approaches from us as well. Yet, as the Kurds understands this ugly policies of the enemy gave up their weapon and as a result in many places the village guard system mostly clapsed.

Despite this, the enemy still insist on to keep the village-guard system alive and wants to create internal clashes in between the Kurds instead of union. The enemy forces continues its dirty war relyed on the most developed military technology and, the support given by both regional and international forces. Yet, again can not get any success from the dirt war it carries out. As this is the case, once more, the enemy trys to develop the village-guard system.

Our Movement and the HQ of the HPG have made statements at the past on the system of village-guard, and made its warnings. We, as a Erzurum and Serhat Regional Command, are also responsible from all the statements given out by our Movement on the Village-Guard System, and frames our duties.

In some of the city and districts in our region of responsibility, the enemy forces stepped up the activities on the Village- Guard system. The enemy's insistency to organise the Village-Guard system in the district of Senkaya/Erzurum; Karliova/Bingol; in the district of Kagizman/Kars; and in the Villages/Central Agri, have been increased and came to its peak.

There is intensive oppression and insistence of the enemy against our people in the Villages of the District of Karliova/Bingol. The enemy forces threatining our patriotic people as saying ''if you do not except to become a village guards, we will evacute your villages by force''. Again, in this way, the enemy forces trying to increase the number of village-guards in the Central City of Agri as well.

These oppression, intimadion and threats carries on by the enemy, its security forces, officials and state employees and, some of the official headmen of the villages as well.

As a Erzurum And Serhat Regional Commandments, we state that;

1- Will not except anymore the development and exceptancy of the village-guard system in the Villages, Districts and Cities in the region under our responsibility of duty. We will harsly act upon on the people organising and helping on the development of the village-guard system in the Region.

2- We call upon on our people, whome inevitabley became a village guard, to give-up their weapons, and not to except the threads and intimidations carried out by the enemy and its collobarators.

3- We also responsible from the statements made by our Movement and the HPG Central Commandment. However, the village-guards, who participates to the military operations, search and ambushes, participates in the oppression, violance and threads against the people, will be excluded and should not wait our good intention and sensitive approaches.

The Erzurum-Serhat Regional Commandments

11 May, 2012