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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign;

- on January 1, at 16:00 and on January 2, at 09:10 the invaders in the Qela Bêdewê area of ​​the Zap region were targeted and hit twice by our forces.

As a result of these actions carried out by our forces with heavy weapons, the targets determined were hit accurately.

2. On 31 December, between 09:35 – 09:40 and 17:18 – 17:20, the Gundê Gûzê area in the Garê region was bombed twice with warplanes.

– At 09:30 on 31 December and at 14:30 on 1 January, the areas around Ava Lolan in the Xakurkê region and Girê Berbizina in the Goşîne area were bombed with warplanes.

– On 31 December and 1 January, Çiyayêreş, Kunîşka and Girê Amediyê in the Zap region were bombed by warplanes.

We did not suffer any losses in these bombardments carried out by the invading Turkish army.

January 2, 2022

HPG Press Centre