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Press Release

The occupying Turkish army, which has been inflicted heavy blows in effective actions by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, is trying to get results by carrying out intense air strikes against the guerrilla areas. We did not suffer any casualties during the intense air strikes of the Turkish army.

The colonial Turkish state seeks to mislead the public and cover up its defeat against the guerrillas by disseminating false figures and fake news about our casualties in air strikes through its private war media. Our patriotic people should not believe the special war propaganda of the invaders based on lies.

The statement gave the details of the inconclusive attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army against the Medya Defence Zones:

–On December 13 between 16:30 and 20:30, the Dêrîkê village and the Sêdarê area in the Garê region in Duhok countryside were heavily bombed by fighter jets.

– Between December 12 and 14, the occupying Turkish army bombed the areas of Kûnîşka, Şehîd Rûstem, Karker and Çemço in the Zap region by fighter jets.

December 15, 2021

HPG Press Centre