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Press Release

The “Dem Dema Azadiye Ye” campaign launched by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) has achieved significant success by pushing back the colonialist fascist regime within a year.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla responded to the attacks by maintaining its leadership duties as part of this campaign and by raising its struggle in self-sacrificing heroism.

As we enter the second year of the “Dem Dema Azadiye Ye” campaign,

– As part of the Egidên Botanê Victory Campaign,

On September 6, a covert unit of the Turkish army in the Şehîd Bahoz area, in ​​the Gabar region of Şırnak’s Güçlükonak district were targeted with infiltration tactics, and at least 2 soldiers were killed.

On September 7, a Kirpi type armoured vehicle of the invading forces was hit using sabotage tactics between the villages of Aval and Nîtê in the Çirav area of ​​the Gabar region in the Eruh district of Siirt. As a result of this action, 6 soldiers were punished, and the armoured vehicle was destroyed.

Actions based on infiltration and sabotage tactics were carried out in two different areas of the Gabar region, and 8 colonialist soldiers were punished. These actions are meaningful and important since they took revenge for Comrade Diljîn Marya Dersim, one of the Gabar region commanders.

–As part of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign in the Avaşîn region;

The colonialist Turkish forces who committed crimes against humanity and violated international laws by using chemical weapons against the battle tunnels in the Werxelê Resistance Area on September 11 attempted to use chemical weapons again but were frustrated by our forces. Here, 4 invaders were punished and the chemical weapons they used were destroyed together with them. This action by YJA Star fighters is a meaningful, valuable and appreciated one.  

The Werxelê Resistance fighters masterfully deactivated explosives set to be used against the battle tunnels in the Werxelê Resistance Area on September 12. This action is also a creative one to be commended in all respects.

– As part of the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign; 

On September 12, the invading Turkish troops in the Girê Koordîne area of ​​the Metîna region were contained by our forces and effectively hit in coordinated guerrilla action. Moreover, the occupiers who attempted to intervene were shot effectively and a total of 5 soldiers were punished. 

As we enter the second year of the Time for Freedom campaign, the new era of guerrilla tactics in Gabar, Avaşîn and Metina shows the level of perfection our forces have reached. This level also heralds in what way the guerrillas will meet the second year of the Time for Freedom campaign. 

We congratulate all the heroic fighters and command staff who contributed to and played a role in all these actions and wish them continued success. Therefore, we salute all our friends in the Egidên Botanê Victory Campaign, the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign and the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign, congratulate them and wish them success.

September 14, 2021 

HPG Press Centre