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Press Release

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is meeting the 18th year of the June 1st Offensive with the actions. The details of the actions are as follows;

1.  Within the scope of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign;

– On May 24, at 21:30, our guerrilla forces units carried out an action targeting a unit of the invading Turkish army in the Dola Maran area of Avaşîn region. In the action, 3 invaders were punished 3 invaders as a result of the effective hits at close range with individual weapons. Later, at 01:50, 14 invaders were targeted with sabotage tactic. In this action, 10 invaders were punished, and 4 invaders were injured. In both actions, a total of 13 invaders were punished and 4 invaders were injured.

On the morning of May 31, the invaders, who moved from the Mervanos area of Avaşîn region towards the Tabura Ereban area, were put under control by our forces. At 12:30, these invaders were targeted and hit, while 3 invaders were punished, 2 invaders were injured.

Same enemy unit targeted by our YJA Star forces in the area at 13:00. However, the number of invaders punished and injured could not be clarified. The invaders removed the dead and wounded from the area with helicopters at 21:00.

On May 31, at 14:30, an action was carried out with heavy weapons against the invaders in the Xeregol area of the Zap region. In this action, 1 invader was punished.

On June 1, at 10:00, our guerrillas carried out an assassination action against the invaders on Şehid Mervan Hill in the Zap region. In this action, 1 invader was punished.

2.  The invading Turkish state bombed the Garê, Zap, Avaşîn and Metina areas and the settlements of the local people in Başûrê Kurdistan with warplanes and helicopters. Also, invaders replaced their forces in the area with helicopters.

The details of the attacks are as follows:

On May 31, between 10:30 and 10:40, the Ergene village of the Çemankê district of Duhok province in the Garê region was bombed 3 times by warplanes.

On May 31, between 10:00 and 11:50, the Kartal, Girê Sor, Geliyê Basya and Gundê Dire areas in the Avaşîn region were bombed many times by warplanes.

On May 31, between 21:00 and 22:00, the invaders changed their forces in the Mamreşo and Mervanos areas of Avaşîn region with helicopters and airdropped their forces in the Banista area.

On May 31, at 00:30 and 02:30, the Tabura Ereban area of the Avaşîn region was bombed 8 times by warplanes.

On May 31, between 21:00 and 23:00, helicopters flew over the areas of Qela Bêdewê, Letter T and Küçük Cilo in the Zap region. The invaders replaced their forces in the Martyr Serxwebûn, Qela Bêdewê and Martyr Mervan areas with helicopters, and bombarded the Küçük Cilo area with attack helicopters.

On June 1, at 05:00, Zendura Hill in the Metina region was bombed by warplanes.

We did not suffer any loss in these bombardments. However, fires broke out in many places due to the bombardment and attacks carried out by the Turkish state still continue.

June 1, 2021

HPG Press Centre