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Press Release

1. Information about a series of actions taking place in the Serhat region. According to this;

- On January 19, a comprehensive invasion operation was launched by the invading Turkish army in Demirkapı area of ​​the Serhat’s Glîdax region. The invaders wanted to carry out search activity in the area. The invaders were ambushed by our forces with the sabotage tactic. In the action, 1 invader was punished, 3 invaders were injured. This operation was withdrawn from the area without any results on 28 January.

 - On April 9, in the Glîdax area of the Serhat region, images were taken by the camera traps which placed them on the field by invaders while our forces were on duty. On April 11, our YJA Star forces were ambushed, but our forces survived this ambush. Then, once again, contact was made between the invaders and our forces, the conflict took place and 2 invaders were punished in the conflict. We did not have any casualties in this conflict.

 - On April 26, an occupying unit was noticed by our forces in the Hallac area of the Serhat’s Glîdax region and put under surveillance control. Coordinated action from 4 sides was carried out against the invaders at 16:30. In the action, 5 invaders were punished, 3 invaders were injured. At 00:00, the invaders bombed the area of action with attack helicopters and removed the dead and injured from the area with Skorsky helicopters.

2. Within the scope of the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign;

On May 16 at 16:40, our YJA Star forces carried out an action against the invaders on the Azad Hill in the Koordine area of ​​the Metina region. A position where the invaders were gathered was targeted and hit. In the action, 2 invaders were punished and 3 invaders were injured.

After the action, the invading Turkish army bombed the Koordine area, the land of the villages of Deşîşê and Serêro with howitzers.

3. Within the scope of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign;

- On May 16, at 13:30, the invaders wanted to emplace their forces in the Dola Konferansê area of ​​the Avaşin region. At 18:00, our forces carried out a series of actions targeting invaders. In the action, 1 invader was punished. Following the action, the invading Turkish army withdrew from the area.

4. The invading Turkish army carried out attacks with helicopters and warplanes against the Medya Defence Areas.

The details of the attacks are as follows:

- On May 16, between 01:00 - 01:30, landing was made to Şehit Serxwebun Hill in the Zap region with Skorsky type helicopters.

- On May 16, from 21:00 until 01:20, helicopter mobility occurred in the areas of Mamreşo, Mervanos, Sukê and Martyr Dilgeş in the Avaşin region.

- On May 17, at 12:00 and 12:15, the vicinity of Sêdarê village in the Meyrokê area of ​​the Garê region was bombed twice by fighter jets.

We did not have any loss in these bombardments.

May 17, 2021

HPG Press Centre