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 Press Release

1. Our Martyr Delal Air Defence Forces;

- On May 13, at 13:00, our forces carried out an air attack targeting the invaders positioned on the Şehit Serxwebun Hill in the Zap region.

- On May 13, at 15:10, our forces carried out an air attack targeting the invaders positioned on the Şehit Serdar Hill in the Avaşin region.

 In both actions, the targets were successfully hit.

2. Within the scope of the Cenga Xabûr Revolutionary Offensive;

On May 14, at 10:00, the invading Turkish army had launched an invasion operation with attack helicopters targeting Kêste and Asuri villages in Metina region. The invaders were put under surveillance by our forces in the region and were effectively hit. In the action, 1 invader was punished.

At 11:30, our forces carried out another action from 3 sides targeting invaders. During the intense clashes that 2 invaders were punished and 1 invader was injured.

Before the occupation forces withdrew back to the Zendura, the battle area was bombarded with howitzers. Airstrikes by warplanes followed later in the day before the dead and injured soldiers were evacuated.

After both actions, the invaders, who could not move forward, bombed the area with howitzers and retreated towards the Zendura Hill. From 16:00 until 16:40, the conflict area was bombed by fighter jets. The invading Turkish army bombed the area with attack helicopters at 21:30 and took the dead and wounded from the area with Skorsky helicopters.

The Turkish state announced that only one soldier was killed in these actions, as well as two fighters from our forces. These statements are not true. The death of three occupiers has been established for sure on our part, and one was wounded. There have been no casualties in our own ranks.

3. On May 15 at 18:00, an action was organized with heavy weapons against the invaders in the Qela Mamresho area of the Avaşin region. In the action, the number of casualties could not be clarified.

4. The invading Turkish army carried out attacks with helicopters and warplanes against the Medya Defence Areas.

The details of the attacks are as follows:

- On May 14, between 23:00 - 00:00, the Koordine area of the Metina region was bombed with attack helicopters and warplanes.

- On May 15, at 02:00, the Çemço area in the Zap region was bombed twice by warplanes.

- On May 15, between 21:20 - 01:30, helicopter mobility was observed in the areas of Mamresho, Aris - Faris and Mervanos in the Avaşin region.

- On May 16, at 06:20, the Dola Konferensê area in the Avaşin region was bombed twice by warplanes.

We did not experience any loss in these bombardments.

May 16, 2021

HPG Press Centre