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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the "Dem Dema Azadiyê Ye" campaign; on May 13, at 19:00, our forces carried out a simultaneous and coordinated action against the invading Turkish army at the Gürcübulak Border Gate in the Glîdax area of ​​the Serhat region.

Two Cobra-type vehicles, one tent, and two positions belonging to the enemy forces were targeted and hit. One Cobra-type vehicle was hit and destroyed and the soldiers inside it were killed while the other Cobra vehicle and two positions were also struck. The enemy soldiers targeted here ran towards the tent, which was also struck and destroyed later, with several of them being killed.

In contrast to the Turkish claims, many invaders were punished, 1 Cobra type vehicle and 1 tent were destroyed, 1 Cobra type vehicle, and 2 positions were hit.

This action was carried out to avenge our female comrades who were martyred in Amed (Diyarbakir) on 29 April.

2. At around 10:00 on May 14, the Turkish troops stationed on the Zendura Hill in the Metina region attempted to advance towards the Asuri and Kêste villages. Ensuing heavy clashes between our forces and the invading Turkish are ongoing.

Detailed information will be shared later on.

3. On May 13, between 22:20 to 00:30 hours, Şukê, Mervanos, and Mamreşo areas of the Avaşin region were bombed with helicopters and the invaders were airdropped with Skorsky helicopters.

May 14, 2021

HPG Press Centre