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Press Release

1. On 11 August, our forces had a meeting with Iraqi government officials to discuss the attacks of the Turkish state and a solution in the region. The Turkish army bombed the meeting grounds right after the talks and deliberately targeted the vehicles of Iraqi forces despite them having the Iraqi flag on them.

This attack resulted in casualties both from our forces and Iraqi officials.

It is seen obviously that the fascist Turkish state has blatantly targeted the Iraqi military. Rejecting anything pertaining to dialogue and solution, the occupant Turkish state has brutally attacked the vehicles bearing Iraqi flag. The fascist Turkish state has carried out this attack despite the fact that all problems could be solved through dialogue.

The official statements made in the name of the local government that justify the genocidal Turkish state and associate the aggression of the genocidal state with its conflict with us do not reflect the truth but mean ignoring the danger upon all the peoples in the region. Such statements and remarks justifying the fascist Turkish state should be avoided.

Deeply saddened by their loss, we convey our condolences to the valuable families of Muhammed Reşid Süleyman and Zübeyir Hali Taceddin, the Kurdish and Arab people and the Iraqi state.

In response to the Ottoman dreams of the genocidal Turkish state and their occupation attacks, it is only evident that Kurdish, Arab and all peoples should put up a joint struggle against this fascist mindset and that this fascist regime is a great danger for all peoples.

2. Within the scope of the Battle of Heftanin Revolutionary Campaign, our forces carried out an action against the invading soldiers positioned on the Martyr Berxwedan Hill in the Xantur area on August 11 at 15:00. 3 soldiers were punished in this action where enemy positions and shelters were effectively hit from 2 sides.

3. Within the scope of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Campaign, our forces carried out actions against the invading Turkish army on August 11. In this context;

At 07:00, our forces carried out an action against the invading Turkish army positioned on Martyr Şahan Hill in the Xakurkê region of the Medya Defence Zones. In this action, in which an enemy's position was effectively hit, 1 enemy soldier was punished while the position was completely destroyed.

At 08.50, our forces carried out an action against the soldier positioned on the Şifreza Hill in Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) district. In this action, an enemy construction vehicle was destroyed and 1 enemy soldier was punished.

4.  On August 11, the invading Turkish army carried out air attacks against the Medya Defence Zones. The details of these attacks are as follows:

At 12.45, warplanes bombed the Yekmalê area in the Metina region.

At 13.00 and 21.15, warplanes bombed the Small Cilo area in the Zap region.

We did not experience any losses in these attacks.

August 12, 2020

HPG Press Centre