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Press Release

1. On the night of 8 June, the invading Turkish army launched an operation in the area of ​​Cumate, Hindis and Selima, in the Farqin (Silvan) district of Amed. In this operation, which was carried out with the participation of assault helicopters and many armoured vehicles, the invading Turkish army heavily bombed the operation area.

The invading Turkish army bombed the area until 9 am on 9 June but got no results, therefore it deliberately targeted local people’s animals killing a number of them. The occupying forces also carried out contra guerrilla activities in the villages of Cumate, Hindis and Selima, by wearing guerrilla uniforms.

2. On 10 June, the invading Turkish army launched an operation in Mergezerê in the rural area of ​​Qileban (Uludere) district of Şırnak. The occupying forces bombed the area with offensive helicopters and dropped soldiers to the area with Skorsky helicopters. On 12 June Turkish warplanes carried out bombardments in the operation area. This operation was ended on the same day without achieving any result.

3. On 12 June, the invading Turkish army fighter jets bombed the villages of ​​Deşta Kafya and Kanisarkê, located in the Gare district of the Medya Defense Areas. As a result of the bombardments carried out by the invaders, a fire broke out.

June 13, 2020

HPG Press Centre